Kerri Lee Johnson's work implies an overarching narrative that alludes to the migratory movements and rituals of a fabled society. Through a reoccurring cast of characters, objects and landscapes, she anachronistically blends various historical identifiers to create a society subject to its own alternate trajectory - at once reliant upon and devoid of history.

Kerri Lee Johnson lives and works in Oakland, CA. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and has shown her work both nationally and internationally. Exhibits include, CSAW Gallery, Houston TX, Elevator Gallery, Toronto, Canada, Fleetwing Gallery NY, David Cunningham Projects, SF and the SFMOMA Artist Gallery, SF. Her work has been featured on record covers and posters.

Kerri Lee Johnson is a founding partner in the Bay Area Visual Arts Network (BayVAN) and owns and operates Marion & Rose's Workshop located in the Old Oakland district of downtown Oakland.